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Separatism Issue Infiltrated The International Women’s Day Rally In Malang



Isu Separatis Susupi Demo Hari Perempuan Internasional Di Malang
Demonstration to commemorate international women's day which was infiltrated by the issue of separatism. (Foto :


KABARMALANG.COM – A joint demonstration by Malang city student protesters was disbanded for violating the covid-19 health protocol and vandalizing police cars.

Dozens of student members of the National Student Front (FMN) altogether with the Women’s Movement Alliance with the People (GEMPUR), elements of the AMP, Free West Papua staged a demonstration in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

They marched to the front of the Malang City Hall / DPRD Office on Monday (8/3/2021) at 9.00 am WIB. The protesters occurred with posters and banners, gave speeches criticizing and demanding the local and state government.

Their demands are: destroy capitalism, legalize the PKS bill & create gender-based social welfare, fight and destroy sexism and capitalism, legalize the PKS bill / eliminate sexual violence right away, seize the rights of women workers who are deprived of tyranny.

But, some protesters slip some posters with separatism tendencies among the women rally. Which is, Reject Special Autonomy volume 2; the solution is to have a referendum for West Papua.

Aside from that, other demands include withdrawing the Indonesian military from all over Papua, stopping the coup, ending military dictatorship and providing safe space for Papuan women. Despite asking for special autonomy, Kitong asked for independence. That was the gist of the separatism issue.

Apart from giving speeches, these demonstrators also distributed leaflets to road users passing around the Malang Gajayana stadium.

Malang City Police Chief: It Is Not Accordance To Commemoration of Women Day.

At around 09.30 WIB, officers from the Police and Public Order Enforcers of the Malang City Government ask them to stop their actions because they did not have permits for the demonstration.

Moreover, it is still in the mass of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as the implementation of micro-scale PPKM.

In carrying out security, the Head of Malang City Police, Police Grand Commissioner Dr. Leonardus Simarmata, and Commander Military District 0833 / Malang City went straight to the field themself.

The Malang City Police Chief appealed to the protesters to disperse immediately since pandemic urging people to avoid mass and apply social distancing.

Also, the action carried out by the protesters with a hidden agenda of other elements of society did not have permission from the police.

“Besides, this action is not in accordance with commemoration of” Women Day “. It certainly disturbs other community activities. Moreover, covid-19 is still happening and we are in the implementation of Micro PPKM,” explained Police Grand Commissioner Leonardus Simarmata, Monday (8 / 3/2021) noon.

“Because the demonstrators ignored our warning, they were forced to disperse the action. Nevertheless, we have allowed them voicing their requests,” added the Police Chief.

The demonstrators were finally put into trucks to be returned to their starting points. Unluckily, the truck was vandalized along the way by demonstrators kicking its rear glass. It resulted in them being investigated in Malang Police Headquarters.

“When we transported them by truck, they kicked the glass of the truck. Hence, we secured them to headquarter for investigation,” he concluded.(carep-04/yds

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