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Myanmar Military Coup D’etat Became Joke After ‘Ampun Bang Jago’ Viral



Myanmar Military Coup D’etat Became Joke After ‘Ampun Bang Jago’ Viral
A PE teacher was dancing when military coup took place at the capital of Myanmar.


KABARMALANG.COM – Myanmar became the trending topic, as the military have staged a coup d’etat, upending the country’s transition to democracy.

Yet amid all the worrying developments, there appeared to be room for some respite from politics. In the form of a woman who inadvertently recorded the coup in the background of her workout video.

The lyrics are sarcastic too. Hence, this song turned the Myanmar coup into a joke.

With the video going viral worldwide, Indonesians were quick to notice. That she was dancing to hit dangdut tune Ampun Bang Jago (Have Mercy, Bang Jago) by Tian Storm and Ever Slkr.

Reported by, the earworm of a tune, which fuses electronic disco sounds, was released in September 2020. And has since become a huge cultural phenomenon in Indonesia. And in Myanmar too, apparently.

The woman, who, according to her Facebook profile, is named Khing Hnin Wai. She identified as a PE teacher at the Ministry of Education.

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She regularly records workout videos near the parliament building in Naypyidaw. The above was one of her latest videos, posted yesterday.

That video shows a convoy of Myanmar military vehicles whizzing towards the parliament building to stage o a coup d’etat, while she kept pumping to Ampun Bang Jago.

As Khing Hnin Wai danced, the Myanmar military staged a coup. And arrested State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders of the country’s democratically elected government.

The military has alleged, without proof, fraud in last November’s elections and has seized control of Myanmar from the civilian government.

Ampun Bang Jago : Myanmar Civilians Revolution Anthem  

Ampun Bang Jago playing amid a military coup is quite fitting. Considering that the song is about bowing to the titular Bang Jago. Which translates to a figure of authority, before the downtrodden rises up through perseverance.

Is the song foreshadowing another civilian revolution in Myanmar? If that’s going to be the case, we can’t imagine a better anthem than Ampun Bang Jago.(carep-04/yds)


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